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Running raises the heart rate and burns fat and calories, and improves blood cholesterol and glucose levels. All of them are necessary for weight loss. It also improves cardiac health and aerobic endurance.

Treadmill running and outdoor running both have benefits and drawbacks.

Once you start training seriously, one issue will immediately spring up: Could I just run on a treadmill, or should I focus entirely on running outside? To answer that question, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Advantages of treadmill / Advantages of indoor running

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Running indoors allows you to avoid dehydration in hot weather and falling in snowy weather by exercising in a controlled environment.

It might be tough to maintain a regular pace outside. As a result, treadmill training may be a feasible alternative. The treadmill allows you to easily track your distance and pace. You may also pause at any moment.

Treadmill offers convenience so that you can run on your own convenient time, in any weather condition, even while watching your favorite TV show or listening to music on your headphones.

Treadmills absorb more shock than concrete or highways, putting less strain on your ankles and knees.

Disadvantages of treadmill / Disadvantages of indoor running

Treadmill jogging might get uninteresting since you will be staring at a wall for the duration of your workout, but outside running can turn you into an explorer and introduce you to new people.

There is some chance that you can also get hurt from treadmill running. Running on a treadmill has limitations. Because most equipment does not allow for downhill running, the experience might be far from that of outdoor running.

Advantages of outdoor running

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Jogging outside is inexpensive, and you are not bound by a gym’s program or equipment accessibility. Running is an excellent method to explore a new territory. It allows you to enjoy environment and clear skies while also encouraging you.

Disadvantages of outdoor running

Running outside also requires facing the weather. One must also consider traffic and crowds. Injuries might also be caused by the various surfaces on which you run. Your knee and ankle joints may become painful the most when you go into new territories, especially if you are only used to indoors.

Is running indoors or outdoors better?

Running indoors if sone in a correct way can burn a significant number of calories. Jogging outdoors can be good for both physical as well as mental wellbeing even though it can be a challenge for some individuals.

Is it harder to run indoors or outdoors?

Running indoors can be done in a controlled environment in a convenient time whereas running outdoors means one has to face weather, crowds, difficult terrains. Both can cause injuries but you need to prepare for both indoor and outdoor running to minimize the risks and to enjoy the workout.

Do you burn more calories running indoor or outdoor?

Usually, Treadmill runners run at a slower speed, which results in less calorie burning. Running outside may burn up to 5% more calories when done at a faster speed, according to research.

Is it better to run on treadmill or outside?

Well, the answer can be a broad one since both indoor and outdoor running has its own advantages and disadvantages. What is more convenient to you is the better choice when it comes to workouts.

Is it better to run in the morning or at night?

As said in WebMD website, there is no such concrete evidence regarding which time of the day is better to exercise. However, the time of day might have an impact on how you feel when exercising. The most essential thing, according to experts, is to pick a time of day on which you can adhere to so that exercise becomes a habit.

How many days a week should you run to lose weight?

For stubborn calories to burn moderate intensity exercises need to be done from 30 to 60 minutes four to five times a week. But losing weight also depends on your health status, body type and diet plan as well. So before starting a workout plan you need to meet your personal trainer or consult a doctor if you have a health condition that needs medical supervision.


In the end, there is no correct or incorrect answer to the argument between treadmill and outdoor jogging. Both strategies offer advantages and disadvantages depending on your specific training demands and intentions, and both can have a place in your training plan.

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