In the world of fragrances, it is not only the brand or the appearance of the bottle that draws the customer’s attention, but also the type of aroma and its strength. Fragrance means the sweet smell or the pleasant scent. So, what is the real difference between these types of fragrances. You might have also wandered is there a difference between Eau de parfum vs Eau de toilette. Or else you might have thought Eau de cologne is for men and Eau de parfum is for women. Let’s wait no further and get to know what these terms actually mean in the world of fragrances.

Fragrances are a delicate matter – very much in both senses of the word. They can smell beautiful and make you feel amazing, but in the wrong concentration they may leave you smell something less pleasant.

A fragrance note is the basic scent of the perfume, created from top, middle and base notes. Top notes are the scents you smell when first applied to skin. Middle notes come out after, and finally, base notes which are the final scent you smell, don’t come out until hours later. Notes of fragrances can be divided into floral, oriental, woody and fresh notes depending on its ingredients.

Fragrance may boost your beauty and confidence and put you in a pleasant mood. A fragrance can tell a story about memories or else it can be your identity or a part of your personality and character. It may define your outlook and presence. In fragrances there is a perfume oil that accounts for its smell dissolved in a carrier which is most of the time alcohol. Perfume oil to carrier ration or in other words the concentration of the perfume oils is mentioned by these special words. Since most of the perfume making originated in France, this naming concept is in French. Let’s see the meaning of each and every term and their difference briefly.


Parfum means they have 20% – 30% perfume oil concentration in that product. Therefore, the alcohol amount is less resulting in better performance in sensitive skin. More perfume oil means production is costly and these perfumes are expensive. However, having a higher concentration does not always mean the perfume is of best smell as it is more of a personal choice when it comes to preferring a perfume.

Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum contains 15% – 20% perfume oil concentration. This type of fragrances is more commonly available and can last around 6 to 12 hours depending on personal and environmental factors. It is considered that this concentration is more convenient and does not disturb the next person with a high intensity of smell. These scents usually good to wear to work as it can mark their presence during the day. It’s often used by men and women who don’t wish to be smacked around by their own perfume. Eau de parfum is typically packaged in dark glass bottles with caps rather than spray mechanisms, although this varies by brand. This is the kind of perfume that might be sold in a fancy crystal bottle on a high-end department store shelf.

Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette usually contains 5% – 15 % perfume oil concentration. Eau de toilette, is halfway between perfume and cologne. Eau de toilette, comes from the French term “toilet water,” meaning water for spraying on oneself in order to freshen up. It is also said that it means getting ready.

Eau de Cologne

Eau de cologne usually contains 2% – 4% perfume oil concentration. Eau de cologne is the lightest concentration in a bottle of perfume and is a great starter scent for people who aren’t used to wearing perfume or cologne. Usually, these perfumes come in larger containers as it needs to be used in a larger amount for daily use.

Eau Fraiche

Eau fraiche usually contain 1% – 3% perfume oil concentration. The fragrances are mostly water based and therefore, they are good for sensitive skin. Alcohol in most fragrances can leave the sky dry which can be irritating for sensitive skin. Eau fraiche is more suitable for these types of skin. This kind of fragrances last for one to two hours most of the time.

Take home message

Essential oils will have a different impact when you use them in their concentrated form and their diluted form. When the concentration of an essential oil is increased, its benefits are increased, but at the same time it becomes more potent as well.

Perfume Flowers Bottle Fragrance  - ArtTower / Pixabay
ArtTower / Pixabay

Concentration is the term which determines how strong is the fragrance going to be. The more the concentration, more the perfume oils will stay settled on your body and you can feel it all through the day without having to apply again and again.

To sum this up, concentration of fragrances play an important role in deciding their aroma. The best choice of fragrance can give you a great smell that goes a long way. If you want to make a good impression among others, there’s no better way than carrying the right fragrance with you. In the end, a perfume is a matter of personal choice. The best way to find the right fragrance that really works for you is to try out different scents (until you find the perfect one). So go ahead and start trying today!

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