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Some suggestions for keeping your glasses clear while donning a mask:

  • Make sure the mask fits properly over your nose and mouth to minimize air leakage and condensation on your lenses.
  • Pick a mask that has a nasal bridge; many of them include a metal or plastic nose bridge that can be shaped to fit your nose. As a result, you’ll be able to keep less warm air from escaping through your lips and nose and the barrier created will be even tighter.
  • The use of anti-fog treatment: For your glasses’ lenses, you can use any number of easily available commercial anti-fog sprays or wipes.
  • Make use of shampoo or soap: A barrier can be created by rubbing a drop of soap or shampoo inside the lenses, which will prevent fogging.
  • The warm air will escape upwards and not condense on the lenses if you keep your glasses above the mask.

Why do glasses keep fogging with mask?

The difference in temperature between the warm air within the mask and the cooler lenses of the glasses causes glasses to fog when wearing a mask. When you exhale, warm, wet air departs the mask and condenses on the cooler surface of the glasses, causing a fog to form.

The moisture can also originate from your facial skin, which can cause sweat that condenses on the lenses. When the mask does not fit properly, air can escape via the top, sides, or bottom, directing warm air directly into the lenses of the glasses.

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