Did you ever wonder why some teams just worked together naturally, as if they were following instructions in a recipe?  Were those teams simply lucky? Or was there something else at play? The truth behind is that it’s not simple as it seems. To perform at the highest level, a team has to have exemplary leadership, great teamwork skills and high levels of trust. What these teams all have in common is the growth mindset, an ability to push themselves outside their comfort zone and find new ways to solve problems.

How did these teams achieve their high performance? Their high-performance was a result of the mindset that each individual had. If these teams didn’t have a growth mindset than they would’ve been average at best. They would’ve had troubles reaching the peak.

There was a time everyone thought only superstars can have growth mindset. But as it turns out, developing a growth mindset to think like a superstar is within reach of any student. Each time, you fail, the experience makes you stronger so the power of team-up can achieve unimaginable feats beyond expectations.


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Today’s work-focused world has increasingly become more collaborative. We’re doing more work than ever with a team of people. Collaboration is becoming one of the most important skills to learn in all sorts of ventures.  Studies have shown that a growth mindset can have a significant leveling effect on a team, because it means people don’t have to know everything going in. They can ask for help and grow as the project does. It also means team members can feel like their skills and talents actually belong to them.

What do these teams all have in common?

Teams rely on each other for input, input is pulled from team members with different views, and even those with less experience and expertise have a responsibility to offer constructive input.

Constructive input is a part of how teams work and can be beneficial to the team’s effectiveness. When teams work together, the input from each member of the group is required in order to make sound decisions. The diversity of each team member’s backgrounds and experiences add to the other members’ insights and should offer a wider range of opinions about an issue.

The winning teams have clear goals, take big risks and work hard to achieve them all. Isn’t that the same thing as a growth mindset? When you feel like you can do anything you put your heart and soul into?

A good team is like a well-oiled machine. When all of its members are in sync, and pay attention to every detail, great things happen. There’s a reason the saying “everyone has their role to play” exists — when every person does what they do best, a group can accomplish feats beyond the sum of its individuals’ capabilities. This is especially true for students, where everything needs to be done by themselves.

What do Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and Jeff Bezos have in common? All of them were determined and worked hard with a growth mindset. A mindset that is focused on learning and improving on the way to success.

The seeds of failure are often planted in a mindset of “I can’t.” However, this thought process commonly observed in failing organizations and teams. The people who underperform will often try to make excuses for their lack of results in order to assign blame away from themselves. Even when working with top talent, this behavior can sometimes appear in the form of defensiveness or other destructive tactics.

Have you ever worked on a team with an unbalanced mindset? If so, you are aware of how tough that might be. One key reason for this is that approach to problem-solving and collaboration lacks diversity, making teams shortsighted, often killing the innovative spark. They are not able to adopt or adapt to change or to look at challenges with new eyes. To be a productive team, the collective mindset must be a growth mindset.

Know Your Goals and Roles

Teaming up in school can be tough. If you’re in a group project, every member needs to stay on top of what to do and when. You should know what your responsibilities are in any particular situation. Not only will this help prevent stepping on other people’s toes, but it will allow you to excel in your role. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, so dividing up tasks based on these is the best way to go about it.

Your team can be diverse. There are people of all backgrounds, and cultures. One thing that they have in common is that they need to know their role. The more clearly everyone knows it, the easier it is to work together and achieve the goals together.

Think of a team as a bucket of water. Everyone should have a role that fills a different part of the bucket. The point is to make sure everyone plays their part so there’s enough water for everyone in the end. In order to understand a teamwork goal and whose responsibility it is, you have to walk through each person’s role one by one.

Understanding the given role will help anyone play to their maximum strengths. It’s easier to succeed when you’re doing things you want to do. However, it’s also important to recognize when to ask for help or additional guidance. Sometimes the most effective leaders are the ones who know when they need help.

Positivity is the King

A positive mentality also implies that individuals believe they are capable of dealing with any situation that may arise. In essence, they will thrive in a complex and ever-changing workplace environment. The concept of growth mindset is valuable for students not just in their educational careers, but also in their day-to-day life.


Together, we learn faster, we achieve higher quality and we can better cope with difficulties. With a growth mindset, you can handle the unexpected better by thinking positively and acting with courage. A growth mindset comes to life with gratitude and a positive mindset. Gratitude means we look for the good things in life and feel the joy and pleasure from the results. A positive mood is better so that we can see things from different angles. The key to having a growth mindset is to notice that you can make mistakes, learn from them and then use your thoughts to turn challenges into accomplishments.

Students of all ages have gone into a panic when faced with a tough task. This is because they believe that having to work at something means there is something wrong about them. The truth, though, is that experts grow in response to difficult challenges, just like athletes build muscle with physical training and musicians improve their performance after repeated practice. Positive attitudes help to stay in track and stay focussed while being in good self esteem.

Time vs Outcome

The work students have to complete in daily basis has time limits allocated and in the end deadlines to submit their work. But during everyday’s struggle we have to focus on the time we spend as well as the outcome. Outcome matters more than the time spent to carry out the tasks. In a growth mindset, the student sees that as a challenge and takes the steps to try to complete the work as fast as possible.

The students in schools and colleges, get daily homework from our teachers. Sometimes students end up spending more time to finish their homework than allocated. The outcome of it doesn’t matter much for them, but what they care about is the time they spent on doing it.  Does this make any sense to you? If yes, then your mindset is good enough and you’re ready to deal with all the tasks which are assigned to you by your professors in school and college. With a positive frame of mind, every student can contain within themselves passion for work and determination to be productive each day.

It is natural for people to want to be successful. People expect a lot from peers and themselves. When there is a group work assigned, it can be a pain for the students as when there are four students, then each student has to submit one fourth of the work or in some extreme cases everyone needs to do the whole work individually. But this only becomes possible if one likes what they do. A true student will love learning new things because curiosity makes them want to learn more.

No complaints and No secrets

When working in a team, it can be helpful to develop a growth mindset. The way to do this is try and work as if everything you have is open access. This means that your team mates can look at what you are working on, or vice versa. When studying each and every member should know their progress and they should share their tactics and study techniques. Having secrets in studying kills the attitudes and motivation as well.

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Teams have the potential to be a great source of inspiration, creativity and productivity. But it doesn’t always feel like that in practice, does it? When your team works together, it can be a lot of fun. But when things don’t go so well, you may hear someone complain about how it isn’t fair or how they work harder than others.

Complaining about a problem is like shining a spotlight on the issue and giving it the attention that it craves. Rather than merely complaining finding solutions and taking actions that bring about a change, actually matters more. There is no one else who will take care of your success but you. So this mindset growth is fundamental. And also, everyone in your team have his/her own learning curve and each one is different from others so do not be afraid or feel bad if somebody takes a little longer than you to learn something new. It’s all about proper guidance and mentoring. Developing this growth mindset in teamwork for students can very well change the dynamics of your student community for good, for the better and make everything run smoothly as you know how .

Failure is not the opposite of success

Failure is not the opposite of success but it is a step of success. Everyone has dreams.Everyone wants to achieve those dreams.Many people are successful in their plan.There is an important factor that separates one person from another and it will help you to be more successful than others.The mindset to success.Because of the unachievable dreams of the thoughts, you will fail a few times in your life and make mistakes as you try to reach success. Someone with a growth mindset knows it’s impossible to learn from success, so failure is the better teacher.

When we talk about success, usually it is directly connected to whether or not we have achieved our goals or not. But does reaching a specific goal really define success? Or is it just how we define what success is? Teamwork is a matter that is very important in life, career and business but many people are not familiar with its essence or simply misunderstanding it. teamwork plays an important part in the development of students to give them the best way to be a team player. teamwork needs hard work and patience to realize success.

Do you know the teammates who always give up easily? Certain people will give up when they face difficulties or failures in the teamwork. They think they can’t cope with it and keep giving excuses that they are not responsible for the failure. Why do they usually give up? The truth is, when we fail, our thinking pattern makes us feel unlucky, stupid, incompetent and ashamed so we just run away from it instead of trying to improve. However, as long as we have a growth mindset, we can make proper use of a failure experience or experiment in order to learn from it and find a better way to make progress towards our goals.


Collaboration can only take you so far before you hit a ceiling—but growth mindset is the key to going further. What makes the teams successful is their ability to think differently, to step out of their comfort zone, and test new ways of use basic concepts to solve problems. It’s how they grow.

Fostering a growth mindset and encouraging continuous improvement are essential for thriving in today’s increasingly collaborative workplace. Having a team that expects the best out of each other and strives to improve with every single project will only result in stronger teamwork and better results in the end.

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The growth mindset is something that students need to develop in themselves. If students can develop the growth mindset, they can build the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed.

No matter whether you’re preparing for a group project, or working on a presentation, people who have the growth mindset thrive in team environments. Plus, having this kind of mindset is essential to continue growing and learning throughout your life. If you truly want to become successful in whatever you do, whether that be in education or elsewhere, then you need to get started on developing this crucial skill. By learning the ways to master your growth mindset, you can ensure that you’re reaching your full potential today—and far into the future.

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