If you’re into astronomy and space exploration, chances are you don’t need much of an introduction to the Webb telescope. But for those who aren’t as familiar with this gigantic piece of technology, here’s a quick summary: Webb is a next-generation space telescope. The revolutionary technology used by Webb has been designed to study further about galaxies and their deeper details.

From the Sun to Worlds Smaller than Our Own Moon The James Webb Space Telescope will embark on a mission of exploration that is expected to shed light on many important questions, including how the universe began and evolved.

James Webb Telescope Spacecraft  - BlenderTimer / Pixabay
BlenderTimer / Pixabay

The James Webb telescope is one of t the most powerful space telescopes ever built. It will allow scientists to peer deeper into space and explore the distant galaxies, stars, and planets during its. It takes a lot of effort to build such a sophisticated technology. Here are some things you need to know about its revolutionary technology that will enable you to further understand this amazing feat of engineering.

NASA with contribution from Canadian Space Agency and the European Space Agency developed this telescope. It was named after the administrator of NASA from 1961 to 1968, James E. Webb.

Since before Galileo first pointed his telescope to the heavens, the search for new worlds and experiences beyond our own has led to countless discoveries and sparked a desire in all of us to learn more about the universe. Now, we are finally poised to go beyond what that keen-eyed inventor could ever imagine.

The first images from James Webb space telescope will be delivered after 6 months from its release date in Summer 2022. James Webb space telescope will be able to provide much clear and high-resolution images from the space.

When is the James Webb telescope launch date?

NASA’s groundbreaking development, James Webb space telescope was launched on December 24, 2021.

James Webb telescope vs Hubble telescope comparison

Space Telescope Hubble Satellite  - p2722754 / Pixabay
p2722754 / Pixabay
  • James Webb telescope was launched in 2021 and has estimated lifetime of 10 years, whereas Hubble telescope was launched in 1990 and lasted for 31 years.
  • James Webb telescope has a larger primary mirror measuring 6.5 meters and Hubble telescope had a mirror of 2.4 meters.
  • The weight of the James Webb telescope is 6200 kg whereas the weight of the Hubble telescope was 12,200 kg.

James Webb telescope size – How big is the James Web space telescope?

The primary mirror of the James Webb space telescope is measured to be 6.5 meters. (Around 21 ft)

Where is the james Webb telescope now – how to track its live location?

James Webb space telescope can be tracked by visiting the JWST official website.

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