There are a number of reasons why birds choose to perch on power lines. As a possible explanation, birds find electricity cables to be a comfortable and secure location to sleep and rest. Most power lines are elevated, making it easier for the birds to spot any approaching danger.

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Perching on electrical wires also provides convenient access to nearby food sources like bird feeders and gardens. Finally, the birds can use the electrical lines as a perch to look about for a suitable spouse or a place to nest.

Why Don’t Birds Get Electrocuted on Electric Wires?

Due to poor electrical conductivity, birds rarely get electrocuted when they perch on live wires. Birds don’t get shocked when they land on electrical wires because the current needs a difference of voltage to travel. Instead of traveling through the bird’s body, the current travels via the wire and is grounded at the power pole or transformer.

Although birds are usually safe when perched on electrical wires, it is important to note that there are still risks involved. In the event that a bird hits both a live wire and a grounded object, such a moist branch of a tree, it may receive an electric shock. Furthermore, birds might get hurt or even killed if they get tangled up in the wires. Birds, however, are generally safe to perch on electrical wires without risk of electrocution.

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